IBM Servers

IBM Servers & Maintenance

The majority of big business that uses IBM machines tends to use either iSeries, pSeries, xSeries or zSeries servers.

The costs associated with maintaining IBM equipment using them as your maintenance supplier can be expensive and questions have been asked about their customer service levels.

There are however alternatives for your maintenance requirements. There are a growing range of independent IBM maintenance suppliers including one of the largest Bluechip who offer unrivalled levels of customer service and support.

With a comprehensive maintenance and support service on-site spares tailor-made service requirements and specific SLA’s, you can maintain conference a new machine performance while cutting your maintenance costs.

Smaller independent maintenance providers such as Bluechip can provide a personal touch and customisation that just isn’t possible for a multinational such as IBM to deliver.

There are a growing number of legacy systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturers themselves which an independent maintenance and support company can manage and monitor for you.

With support levels that you can define depending on the relevance to your company you have total control over the maintenance servicing and control of your IBM servers.

In many cases critical parts can be stored on-site drastically reducing potential downtime and with guaranteed on-site response times you’ll be able to react proactively to any mission critical incidents that occur to your server.

There are many options other than using manufacturers to support your mid-range service and by choosing one of the largest independent you can improve the customer service and support that you receive while cutting your costs and controlling your budget.

With all parts for all machines held in stock in the UK and owned and controlled by Bluechip you will always have access to the parts that you need when you need them.