Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Pest infestation in and around commercial premises carry potential health and operational hazards, particularly where food storage, preparation, processing and consuming are involved. However, the mere presence of pests, be they even unseen, can be most unsettling.

Commercial premises can be competently overseen by professional pest controllers on a “one-off” basis, or on regular contractual upkeep.

Be sure to use a reputable company, which is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), or the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

The general needs of commercial premises vary throughout the year, typically, the problems involve insects and rodents, and the problems may differ as the seasons change.

Like most living things, pests will seek out food and warmth, shelter and security where they can flourish. If access and opportunity to these elements are removed, the pests will not survive.

In order to utilise the most appropriate and effective method of pest control, an in-depth knowledge of the type of pest and its life cycle is required to determine the most effective method of destruction. This professionalism is only borne through experience.

Physical methods such as rodent traps, or electrical fly-killers may be utilised, alternatively chemical based methods, various types of poison and bait station may be used, depending on the circumstances. Personnel using these methods, must, of course be suitably trained.

The advice from professional commercial pest controllers should be heeded, to keep infestation possibility to a minimum. Building maintenance is important, as it can keep harbourage conditions unfavourable.

Cavity wall spaces should be inaccessible, and structural damage such as holes in walls and penetrated insulation should be repaired and sealed as swiftly as possible.

Potential pest entry points should be kept to a minimum. Ventilation openings, doors and drainage systems, should be monitored. The removal of water availability is particularly important in the case of rats.

The access of pests to food sources can be minimised by meticulously correct storage. Keep food off the floor, and use appropriate containers to lessen the chances of spillage and allowing pest access.

Professional commercial pest control is best method of ridding and keeping clear infestations, from take-away restaurants to large corporations.